The First Hydration
System with Simple,
Disposable Cartridges.

No More Cleaning.


Bacteria can grow
in an unclean
hydration pack.

Why take the risk
of getting sick?


Go ahead...fill it and flip it!
The exclusive wide-mouth
RoguePak Fast-Fill port
is self-sealing!

Fastest filling and self-sealing
hydration system available!


RoguePak Cartridges
are available in 100 ounce,
70 ounce, and 50 ounce sizes.

Designed to fit most major
brands of hydration packs.


RoguePak Fast-Fill port allows
you to easily add ice and
whatever drink you choose.

Many competitive options don’t
have a port large enough for ice.


Testing the Strength
of the RoguePak Cartridge

See how the durable the RoguePak cartridge
can handle the stress.

RoguePak Cartridge Hydration Systems

Use your pack for more by eliminating the cleaning chore!

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

The RoguePak is a new idea in hydration packs—create a reusable system that eliminates the arduous hassle of cleaning that limits the usefulness of other packs. Make it simple, effective, easy-to-use, and functional for everyone. RoguePak cartridges are strong, lightweight, recyclable, and allow you to carry your drink of choice just about anywhere. And the RoguePak is not just a hydration pack, but a fully functional backpack with hydration included. RoguePaks and RoguePak Cartridges are available in 50 ounce, 70 ounce, and 100 ounce sizes.

RoguePak cartridges make almost any hydration pack actually work.

You know the story. You buy a hydration pack to use with your outdoor activity…you use it once or twice…then you realize you have to clean it. The cleaning chore is a pain. Filling it is a pain. And then you set the pack aside and don’t use it anymore. A story that’s repeated over and over. RoguePak cartridge will make hydration packs work the way they’re intended—a convenient source of hydration on-the-go—without the cleaning!

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